How do I send automatic receipts to customers?

Each time a customer makes a payment you'll want to send them a receipt that includes details of the transaction for their records. Fortunately, email receipts can be sent automatically each time you receive payment through PaymentLink.

To ensure receipts will be sent for all successful charges, navigate to the Customer Emails page in your Stripe account and ensure the box for "Successful Payments" is checked. 

For recurring billing, you have the option to send additional email notifications to customers for:

  • Upcoming renewal reminders - An email will be sent 7 days before their subscription renews.

  • Failed payments - An email will be sent each time a payment attempt fails, including retries.

  • Expiring cards - An email will be sent 1 month before their card on file expires.

You can configure which emails are sent on this page in your Stripe account.

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